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The Healing Harp

Bedside Harpist - Harp Music for Those in Need
Serving Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Peggy Jaegly Bedside Harpist

The Healing Harp
Peggy Jaegly, CMP, HCMBH, CHM

Give yourself or someone you know the incomparable gift of beautiful, soothing harp music.

Healing Harp Testimonials

  • Certified Music Practitioner  Learn more...
  • Hospital Certified Master Bedside Harpist
  • Certified Healing Musician
  • Former National Board Member and Treasurer of Music for Healing and Transition
  • Member of American Harp and Folk Harp Societies

A bedside harpist provides harp music, for all patients, including newborns, that is individualized and specific to that patient within current moments of time. Peggy does this by assessing the patient while playing quietly to see what type of music is best for that patient.

Peggy provides comforting harp music that is quiet, adaptable, and pleasing. The patient is in control of the Healing Harp music. He or she can accept or decline. They can also request the type of music they would like to hear and she will do her best to please.

Peggy does not poke, prod, or invade. She shares a moment in time with the patient, while bringing a sense of honor, comfort and humanity in a relaxing way. The patient does not have to be awake nor conscious to receive the benefits of healing harp music.

Do you know someone in need of comfort? Peggy makes house calls and visits the patient, whether it is in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living, a private home or hospice. Serving Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Harp Therapy

Music Helps

Harp Therapy

Did you know that LIVE music has beneficial effect that contribute to the overall care of patients?

There is a great deal of research which documents the beneficial effect of music on those who are ill. Music is being used successfully with many kinds of patients including those who are temporarily ill and injured, chronically ill, critically ill, Alzheimer's patients, premature babies, birthing mothers, the comatose, and the dying. Music is being used as an aid in preparation for and after surgery.

Live music has been shown to relax the mind and body, allowing more effective responses to medical treatment and enhancing the self-healing work of the immune system.

You, too, can experience the benefits of live music or give it as a gift by enlisting the services of a trained Music Practitioner.

What Is A Certified Music Practitioner?

Music's Possible Healing Uses.

What is Expected of the Patient?


Peggy Jaegly is a Certified Music Practitioner, a Hospital Certified Master Harpist and a Certified Healing Musician who brings pleasant and appropriate live music to the bedside of the ill, depressed and dying. She is a graduate of the Music for Healing & Transition Program, a course of study which includes medical and musical classes provided by qualified instructors and a graduate of the Mastery of Bedside Harp program and internship at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in Hamilton, NJ in addition to the International Healing Musician Program.

Peggy Jaegly, trained to be responsible and unobtrusive, provides a service for hospital and hospice patients and nursing home residents on her harp. While providing beneficial, harp music to individual patients, her playing is customized to the observed needs of the patient and is not meant to be entertainment, a performance or a concert.

Certified Music Practitioners, Bedside Harpists and Healing Musicians work independently or affiliate with health care institutions and private health care providers.

Peggy Jaegly and her harp named, the Healing Harp, may be engaged by you to play for a friend or family member or for yourself.

The type of music selected usually depends on the condition and concerns of the patient.

Peggy also provides presentations to interested groups on various topics regarding music and its many uses. Read more about Peggy Jaegly and her Services.


"That was beautiful. It was like heaven."
Stated by a daughter at the bedside of her dying father after Peggy played her harp for him.

"I don't believe it. Hospice sent me a live harpist!"
What a pleased hospice patient said to his brother on the telephone.

"When Peggy plays the harp I feel like I'm surrounded by angels."
A hospice patient in Maryland.

"The dulcet tones of the harp flow like a trickling brook from the fingers of Peggy Jaegly..."
The Sar Ledger, NJ

"The harp is not the instrument of angels by mistake, the sound is heavenly and carries across the room like a feather wafting of a spring breeze."
Sunday Courier News, NJ
While listening to Peggy play for a patient.


  • masks unpleasant sounds and feelings.

  • can slow down and equalize brain waves.

  • affects respiration.

  • affects the heartbeat, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

  • reduces muscle tension and improves body movement and coordination.

  • affects body temperature.

  • can increase endorphin levels.

  • can regulate stress-related hormones.

  • can boost the immune function.

  • changes our perception of space.

  • changes our perception of time.

  • can strengthen memory and learning.

  • can boost productivity.

  • enhances romance and sexuality.

  • stimulates digestion.

  • fosters endurance.

  • enhances unconscious receptivity to symbolism (reading).

  • can generate a sense of safety and well-being.



What is Expected of the Patient?

It is not necessary for the patient to interact physically or even verbally with the harpist, especially since a patient may be under medication or anesthesia. Whether or not the patient is awake and aware is simply a factor in the style of music played. Research has shown that even comatose patients can benefit from live music. In short, nothing is expected of patients except their physical presence.


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